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The  Žalgiris Grand Prix is an annual international competition in classic Olympic shotgun events – Trap and Skeet.
They are carried out according to ISSF Rules, but they also have some distinctive features.
First of all, the competition has been extended by a qualifying program with up to 200 targets. This makes the competition more dynamic, a good test of athletic endurance and eliminates accidental results.
Secondly, everyone will compete on the same teams, regardless of the gender of athletes, their age or level of training. This provides a framework for the exchange of experience, creation of continuity and will help preserve the traditions of our sport.
Plus, the results will be evaluated for each of the separate groups, which will allow athletes of all skill levels to compete for awards.
All the changes in the rules have been focused on strengthening the competitive features of the events and making participation in the competition more interesting, intriguing and useful for every participant.


Trap – Groups A, B, C.
Skeet – Groups A, B, C.

There is one programme for all categories – Men, Women, Juniors and Veterans.
In total, no more than 48 shooters will participate in each event.

After group A, the other groups will be opened with a minimum number of shooters.
For each event Group B will be opened when there at least 16 shooters and Group C, when there are at least 24 shooters.


To identify the participants who will be eligible to compete for awards in the, qualification rounds with 200 targets will be played (in 8 rounds of 25 targets). When all the athletes have passed 6 of the series, the score of two rounds will be removed in a random way from their current score, and according to the sum of the remaining four rounds, the athletes will be divided into the groups – A (top scores), B (middle scores) and C (low scores).
After the distribution of the participants into the groups, the points they scored in the rounds that were removed will be returned to their qualifying account, and the participants will move on to compete for victory among the groups.
After the qualifying stage of the competition ends, the winners who have taken the best places in group B and C will be identified. There will be no Finals for groups B and C.
In group A, the winners will be identified in the Final stage among of eight highest-ranking athletes after the qualification rounds of 200 targets.
Tie-Breaking, Ranking and the Final stage (new format of 2022) will be carried out according to ISSF Rules.


Day Date Event
1st July 26th
Trap and Skeet Pre-Event Training, limited by the number of participants only.
Registration of the participants.
2nd July 27th
Opening ceremony
Trap and Skeet Qualification, 125 targets
Welcome party
3rd July 28th
Trap and Skeet Qualification, 75 targets
Skeet Final stage
Trap Final stage
Awards ceremony



The entry fee is 160 EUR per shooter.
Payment of the entry fees will be carried out at the Shooting Range no later than 18:00 on the 1st Day.
The training fee is 8 EUR per round of 25 targets.
All payments must be made in EUR. No credit cards or personal cheques will be accepted.


The Winners of the ZALGIRIS GRAND PRIX in the A, B and C groups and second and third places will be awarded with cups, medals, diplomas, money prizes and other prizes, depending on their ranking.
There are planned prizes for the places after specified. The number of them will depend on the number of participants. The awarding by categories also depend on the number of nominees.


There is an electronic registration form on the competition website at www.zalgirisgp.lt in the REGISTRATION section.
Registration can be refused, if the number of participants exceeds the limit.


The shooting range is about 5 km from the city centre.
Address: LOSC šaudykla S.Batoro g. 90A, Vilnius.

Two Trap ranges – one of them equipped with Laporte and the other one with F.A.B. throwing machines.
Two Skeet ranges – one of them equipped with Laporte and the other one with Nasta throwing machines.

Orange standard targets will be used.
Orange flash targets will be used for the Final stages.

You will find a cafeteria at the Shooting Range that can offer meals, including lunch, dinner and more at very reasonable prices.


The ammunition may be available to buy at the shooting range (at approximately 8-10 EUR for a box of 25 pcs).


According to changing circumstances, the organizers have reserved the right to make changes to the program and the order of carrying out the competitions.
Prior to the competition, all registered participants will immediately be informed of any significant changes.


You can reach Vilnius by car, train (to the Vilnius Train Station) or plane (the Vilnius airport code is VNO). It is also possible to come to the Kaunas airport (KUN) by plane, and then take a bus to Vilnius (www.airport-express.lt).
You can find useful tourist information here at: www.vilnius-tourism.lt.
There are no official hotels. Ask Google “Vilnius accommodation” and you can find comfortable accommodations in Vilnius, or contact us and we will help you.


Lithuania is a member of the European Union and the Schengen border agreement. Therefore, Lithuania does require visas for people from some nations to enter.
We strongly advise all non-European Union participants to verify well in advance whether they need a visa for entry into Lithuania. If necessary, we will be ready to provide participants with any of the necessary supporting documentation. Send us your request by e-mail.
You can find out which countries do not require visas for travel to the Republic Of Lithuania at: www.migracija.lt


If you have a European Firearms Pass, there are no additional requirements for permission to import a shotgun to Lithuania. If you do not have one, we are ready to provide you with that permission. Fill out the Request for Arms Permission (at www.zalgirisgp.lt in the REGISTRATION section) to import your shotgun to Lithuania and send it to us by e-mail.


If you are interested in training before or after the competition, it is possible at the range on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00; Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00 (the schedule is subject to change).


During August, the weather in the Lithuania is usually pleasant with occasional showers and long spells of sunshine. The average temperature is 20°C.



Tel. +370 655 978 25

Best regards! Hope to see you soon in Vilnius!

Organizer of the 27th Žalgiris Grand Prix